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Hello and welcome.
You can read a small introduction of the band in the music page.
These album pages are formatted for a coffee table book. This is still preferred. However, some items such as newspaper clips have been increased in size for better display on-line.
Every known snippet of information is shown herein, for better or worse.
It was thought that the band members will enjoy these memories, but associates and those who simply remember the band seem to be interested too.
If you can contribute to this collection in any way, please go here to send a message or file upload.
If you think you know someone who might be interested in this archive, you can send them email (if your device permits).
Organist Dale Creary later formed a different band and called it Heart 'n' Soul too. See that archive here.
I am proud to present this archive.
Heart 'n' Soul
Sydney, Australia
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